Magnus Sports

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Sports has always been a great way to bring people, countries and at times the whole world together. It teaches one about discipline, faith, passion, unity and courage. Many times in the past and present it has introduced the world to heroes and legends, individuals who have brought communities together, help spread awareness for a better world, provided extreme nail biting entertainment and simply made people believe that if you work hard and keep trying nothing is impossible. Pakistan has produced many such individuals, from cricketing legends like Imran khan, Jawed miandad, Wasim Akram members of the 1992 World Cup wining Pakistani team to Champions in squash like Jahangir and Jansher khan. Today Pakistan is in dire need to support, promote and create awareness for its athletes and sporting teams. Magnus Sports is a sports marketing  agency which looks to provide Pakistan’s athletes with proper guidance to make them into local and

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