I am a creative marketer and entrepreneur with experience of more than a decade in the marketing and advertising industry. I am currently a member of the Charter in Marketing Institute and during my academic year have been a part of companies such as the General Food Co, Inter-globe Communications, National marketing services, One motion pictures and have been active in the real estate market globally.

I currently am the Owner/Founder of Magnus communications (creative digital agency) which I started in 2010 and Magnus Sports (Pakistan’s first global sports agency) a movement I began in 2016. Along with these companies I am the Director Marketing of the Commune Artist Colony (an art gallery and a creative space for artists to come together). I also consult and work with multiple nonprofits and am the General Secretary of United Pakistan.

Creating and promoting positive content that shows the true spirit of Pakistan is my core goal. I now have been a part of the Fashion, Arts, Film and Sports industry for seven years and still feel there is so much more the world needs to see of Pakistan and of the talent we have here.


Social Media Marketing, Sports consultancy, Creative Advertising, Motivational Speaking, Web development, Fashion Films, Art shows, Investment consultancy, CSR and Event specialist.

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Commune Artist Colony, Karachi, Pakistan
UAE No.: +971 50 473 0391
E-Mail: [email protected]
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Current Projects

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